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rasa-dance shiva-parvati

There are two ways, because there are two kinds of people in this world. One is called dhira, and the other is called adhira. Adhira means almost animal. They cannot control their senses. Dhiranam mean sober, gentle. One who can control sense. . He is called dhira. In the Rupa Gosvami’s obeisances we find, the Krishna consciousness movement is appreciable by the both classes, dhira and adhira. Those who are advanced by austerities, controlling the senses, and those who are not so, very fallen, both of them, will like it.
Another example of dhira is there in Kumara Sambhava- a Sanskrit book of poet Kalidasa. The theme of the book is that the devas (demigods), they wanted to fight with the (Asuras) demons, and it was necessary that a son should be begotten by Lord Siva.
Lord Shiva at that time had lost his wife in the daksha-yajna. She gave up her life because her father was against Lord Shiva. He was repudiating Lord Siva, and she could not tolerate that “My father, you are so proud that you are blaspheming Lord Shiva because you think I am your daughter and your son-in-law is subordinate. So I am returning this body to you.” and immediately gave up her body. So Lord Shiva, having lost his wife was on the Himalayas executing severe tapasya. So the demigods, they planned to break the tapasya meditation of Lord Shiva by sending Parvati, daughter of Himalaya. Lord Shiva’s wife had by then, taken birth as daughter of Himalaya. She was young, grown-up, sixteen years old, engaged to break the meditation of Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva was in meditation, naked, and Parvati was induced to worship Lord Shiva and then touch the genital. But Lord Shiva still was undisturbed. So at that time, Kalidasa Kavi, mentions that “Here is the example of dhira. He is so much absorbed in meditation that a young girl, touching the genital, still, he is undisturbed. He is so self-controlled. “So this is dhira. Dhira means even there is cause of disturbance he will not be disturbed. And one who is disturbed by the slight agitation, he is adhira.
So mostly, people are adhira. They are agitated by a slight disturbance, because they have not been trained in such a way.
When Krishna was being elected as president in the rajasuya-yajna assembly of Maharaja Yudhisthira, so somebody remarked Krishna blindly as an ordinary man and said, “This Man(Krishna) is woman-hunter from the very beginning. So how he can be elected as the chief of this assembly?”
So at that time Bhisma, the most celebrated celibate- brahmacari, who had never accepted any wife or he had no connection with any woman spoke against them. He immediately stood up and said that “I am celebrated throughout the whole world as celibate-brahmacari, but if I would have been in the position of Krishna, dancing with young girls, he was not agitated. But I would have been agitated. I admit.! Therefore He is dhira. He should be elected.”
You’ll find rasa-lila, Krishna was dancing with so many young girls, but you won’t find there was any sex relation. This is very confidential; actually, the gopis wanted Krishna—they prayed to Katyayani Devi, Goddess Katyayani, prayed to Mother Katyayani, because He was attractive to all the girls of His age. So, they wanted Krishna as husband. So, superficially Krishna was of the same age, and how He could be husband for all the gopis, that is superficial. But He accepted. Because the gopis wanted to become wives of Krishna therefore Krishna accepted that proposal. In order to show them the mercy, He stolen the garments, because the husband can take away the covering of wife’s bodily garment; nobody can touch her. So that is the purport, but people do not know, and therefore Krishna’s lila has to be heard from realized soul, or, these portions should be avoided. Otherwise, we shall misunderstand that Krishna took away the garments and He was woman-hunter—not like that. He’s Supreme Lord. He fulfills the desire of every devotee. So Krishna had no business to see the gopis naked, but because they wanted to become wife, and so He fulfilled their desire. Token. “Yes, I’m your husband, I’m taking your garment. Now you take your garment and go home”. Therefore He’s known as Gopi-jana-vastra-hari.
But He is the dhira. He is not adhira. He is not like ordinary man.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani

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