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rabbit and lion elephant weight

There are many stories of one who has got intelligence, he has got power.
The Lion and the rabbit-
“One who has got intelligence, he has got power.” A lion is very mighty, ferocious animal, but an ordinary rabbit killed him. How?
There was a lion disturbing all animals in the forest, so all the animals held a meeting and called the lion: “Sir, you do not try to kill us all, hunting after everyone. We shall go voluntarily every day, one of us. So you don’t create disturbance. Let us become peaceful.” So lion agreed, “All right, if you voluntarily come, It is alright” So this was the agreement. One day it happened to be the turn of one rabbit. It planned something and went to the lion little late. So lion was very angry that “Why you have come late? I am very hungry, and you did not come.” So the rabbit said, “Sir, there was a danger in the way.” “What is that?” “There is another lion, and he wanted to kill me and eat, so I protested, ‘No, sir, you cannot kill me. I am destined to be killed by such and such lion, so you cannot do it.’ ” So he was very much pleased: “Where is that lion?” “Please come. I will show you.” So he took him near one well. The rabbit said, “He is living within this.” The lion immediately roared and he heard the resound “. He saw his reflection and thought , “Yes, there is lion and immediately jumped over him and died “.Thus he was finished. So how the lion was killed by the rabbit? “One who has got intelligence, he has got power. Not the bodily strength.
The King and his Minister-
There is a story about a king and his prime minister. Once the king’s salaried workers complained, “We are actually working, and this minister is doing nothing, yet you are paying him such a large salary. Why is that?”
The king then called his minister in and also had someone bring in an elephant. “Please take this elephant and weigh it,” the king said to his workers. The workers took the elephant to all the markets, but they could not find a scale large enough to weigh the animal.
When they returned to the palace the king asked, “What happened?”
One of the workers answered, “Sir, we could not find a scale large enough to weigh the elephant.”
Then the king addressed his prime minister, “Will you please weigh this elephant?”
“Yes, sir,” said the prime minister, and he took the elephant away. He returned within a few minutes and said, “It weighs 11,650 pounds.”
All the workers were astonished. “How did you weigh the elephant so quickly?” one of them asked.
“Did you find some very large scale?”
The minister replied, “No. It is impossible to weigh an elephant on a scale. I went to the river, took the elephant on a boat, and noted the watermark. After taking the elephant off the boat, I put weights in the boat until the same watermark was reached. Then I had the elephant’s weight.”
The king said to his workers, “Now do you see the difference?”
One who has intelligence has strength, not the fools and the rascals.
Intelligence is the discriminating power to understand an object, and it helps the senses make choices. Therefore intelligence is supposed to be the master of the senses. The perfection of intelligence is attained when one becomes fixed in the activities of Krishna consciousness. By the proper use of intelligence one’s consciousness is expanded, and the ultimate expansion of consciousness is Krishna consciousness.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.

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