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Even one moment of your life cannot be returned even you spend millions of dollars. One rich man in India, around fifty-four years old, he came to know that he was dying in few days. So he was requesting the doctor, “Doctor, kindly give some medicine so that I may live for another four years. I have got so many things to do.” Just see, the condition of the person. This is called ignorance. He does not know that “What to say of four years, the doctor cannot give me four minutes prolongation of life.” When the life is ended, it is ended. Nobody can save. Any medicine, any physical, physiological treatment will not help. That is not possible. You have got a duration of life, say, fifty years, sixty years, seventy years—a hundred years, utmost. You cannot increase it by paying money. What to speak of four years; you cannot increase four seconds. So just try to understand how much our life is valuable. A second of our life we cannot purchase by paying millions of dollars. And if that second is wasted without any utilization, then how much money we are losing. This is the calculation.
So our, this Krishna consciousness movement is only to remind people that “Please do not waste your time, valuable time, life. Utilize it. This is the opportunity to make a solution of all the problems of life.”

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.

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