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No Money No Justice.

lawyer-ethics 2009-10-19-arrest

In the present age of quarrel-Kali-yuga, if you have no money, then you will not be able to get justice. Anardhyena nyāya-rahitam. As soon as you go to the court, immediately you’ll have to appoint a pleader and pay him at least a few dollars and then stamp duty, this and that, so many things—then bribe. Suppose you actually want some money from somebody. He has taken money, he is not paying, or something else. So you have to push good money after bad money. So money which is due from others—he is not paying—that has become a bad money. Good money means which is in your hand. That is good money. So there is an English proverb, perhaps you know all, “To push good money after bad money.” therefore sometimes intelligent persons, they do not go to the court because they know that before entering into agreement one should be very clever so that your money may not be bad money which you are advancing. But if somehow or other it has become bad money, don’t try to put good money. Let that bad money go to hell. So better nowadays not to go to the court.
“The citizens, they are just like innocent children, and the government is to be supposed as the father. So small children, they are completely dependent on father with full faith: ‘My father is there. My mother is there.’ And if the father and mother become contaminated, then where is the position of the children?” If the whole government is polluted, then what is the position of the citizens? That is the position now. This is called Kali-yuga. Just like if you put your head on some friend’s lap and you sleep very nicely without any care, but the man on whose lap you are putting your head, if he is ungrateful—he is not faithful; he wants to cut your throat—then what is your position? This is going on.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.

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