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Everyone is Crazy Mad.

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There was a murder case in the high court of Calcutta. So his lawyer pleaded that “This man, when committed this murder, he was insane.” So the judge called for the civil surgeon to examine him whether he has got such tendency, insanity. He gave his opinion in the court that “So far I have treated many patients, so my opinion is that everyone is more or less a madman. More or less. It is a question of degree. He gave his evidence that, “My lord, so far my knowledge concerned, I have tested so many men, everyone is insane. It is a question of degree. Now if you consider that he was insane, you, that is your business to punish him, or not punish him. But so far my knowledge is concerned, I have studied so many men and I have found they are all insane.”

Actually that is the position. Anyone who is not under the direct connection with God is crazy. Now one can treat them with real psychiatrists – who are devotees of Lord. Since anyone in this material world are affected more or less by madness, they don’t care for God. Although one is completely under the control of material nature and God still, they say, “No, I don’t believe in god.” So anyone who does not believe in God, they are mentally diseased. Since everyone is a patient of psychiatrist, they require treatment.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.


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