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Eyes of bird are sharper than Man.

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Every living entity has got a particular type of power. Just like a small bird can immediately fly in the sky. And although we are very intelligent beings and scientific than birds, we cannot fly in the sky without machine. But a small bird will immediately fly. That is his power- prabhavaḥ. We must admit that this is its special power.
Similarly a vulture can go up in the sky above four miles up and can see small objects with its small eyes. It can find out where there is a dead body and immediately jump over them. And we human have got so many big eyes we require special instruments or spectacle to see even one feet beyond our sight. So this is the prabhavaḥ, influence of vulture. Although being a nasty bird it has got influence to compete with us. Same way we will find in every creature, every living entity, a special prerogative than others.

Therefore the facility of human being is to understand God by his power and not misuse facilities of his mental condition by which the material nature offers the next body.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.


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