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Learning by Perception.

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There are different stages of knowledge and one has to go step by step to the top most knowledge :
1) General common sense knowledge means pratyakṣa, whatever  perceived by the senses.
2) The knowledge received from authorities is called parokṣa.
3) Realization of that knowledge is called aparokṣa. 
4) Then the knowledge which is beyond our sense perception is adhokṣaja.
Therefore God’s another name is AdhokṣajaAdhaḥ means subduing, bring under subjugation and Akṣaja means the knowledge directly perceived by the senses. Akṣa means eyes , So any knowledge within the alphabets ABCD is called akṣaja. And the knowledge which is beyond word is called adhokṣaja. And even beyond the adhokṣaja knowledge there is aprākṛta  knowledge.
Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.

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