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Mother Kill Son ?

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People are ready to kill anybody (including their family members) if they oppose their desires for sense gratification. There are many instances of woman addicted to another man kills her own husband and children. These are forces of Sense gratification.

There is an incidence of a neighbor’s wife killing her own son. Her young son noticed few men coming to meet her privately after his father leaves home and he asked his mother “Who are these Men coming to meet you”? That’s all, she gave poison to her son and killed him. When the father came to know that his own wife killed his son,he committed suicide.

These are the effects of lust and greediness. Things which are not to be done are done for the matter of sense gratification. That’s a fact. Therefore they are prepared to do anything. It is the verdict of the court that when a man kills another man he becomes mad. Without becoming mad one cannot kill each other. So everything is being done which is not sanctioned because for sense gratification. The whole world is after sense gratification. And at the end if they are little spiritually inclined they want to satisfy their mind and senses by thinking artificially that “I shall become God.” That is the greatest sense gratification. “Because remaining a small living entity I have been hampered in my sense gratification. Now let me become God so that there will be no restriction of my sense gratification.If i show some magic and create little gold then hundreds and thousands of men will be after me and then I shall live nicely.

These things are going on practically. The man who is manufacturing gold requests his rich disciples to gift him motor car. If the so called can create gold, why cannot he create a motor car? This is going on in the name of God. Simply sense gratification.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.


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