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Advancement of Western world.

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Long ago, one medical professor Colonel Megor from England stated that his country has 75% students suffering from venereal disease. The reason behind venereal diseases was because sex life being available so cheaply all over the country. Then there must be increase in venereal disease. And if one is affected by venereal diseases he gets more diseases one after another. The cancer is also due to that. Madness. And in India the Vedic civilization knew it. Therefore the first restriction was on sex life. Brahmacārī – Training in celibacy. Then after training in celibacy, marriage life was sanctioned, then retirement life etc. Just to escape from these sufferings of sex life.

This venereal disease is mentioned in the Āyur-veda. It is called phiraṅgāmaya. Phiraṅga means “white Europeans.” And medical science also says that these infections begun from western world.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.

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