Is God Dead stone ?

  The Personality of Godhead is not a dead stone, nor is He inactive, as is poorly thought by some schools. He moves with the progress of time, and therefore lie knows all about the past and future, along with His present activities. There is nothing unknown to Him. The conditioned souls are driven by […]

Sri Krishna – The Complete God.

Kṛṣṇa did not need any friends to play with Him, nor did He desire a single wife. We take on a wife because we have some desire to fulfill, but Kṛṣṇa is complete in Himself (pūrṇam). A poor man may desire to have a thousand dollars in the bank, but a rich man who has […]

Indians wanted peaceful life.

Britishers had got a very good opportunity for world unity under British Empire. But their policy was not good to exploit others nation and enrich only their country. If they had ruled for the benefit of the people then British rule could have been very nice. Since every country requires good government and if somebody […]

A Young Girl’s Wish !

Generally it is the ambition of a young girl to have a very handsome husband who is learned, clever, young and rich. According to the Vedic culture, one is rich if he possesses a large stock of food grains and a very large number of animals. Dhānyena dhanavān gavayā dhanavān: one is rich if he […]

Controller of Senses & Mind.

Gosāñi means gosvāmī. A person who has full control over the senses and mind is called a gosvāmī or gosāñi. One who does not have such control is called godāsa, or a servant of the senses, and cannot become a spiritual master. A spiritual master who actually has control over the mind and senses is […]

Is God a stone or Deity?

In his Bhakti-sandarbha Jīva Gosvāmī has stated that those who are actually very serious about devotional service do not differentiate between the form of the Lord made of clay, metal, stone or wood and the original form of the Lord. In the material world a person and his photograph, picture or statue are different. But […]

What is the Meaning of God ?

The first syllable of the word bhagavān is bha, which means “sustainer” and “protector.” The next letter, ga, means “leader,” “pusher” and “creator.” Va means “dwelling” (all living beings dwell in the Supreme Lord, and the Supreme Lord dwells within the heart of every living being). Combining all these concepts, the word bhagavān carries the […]

History of Gita.

“In the beginning of the Tretā-yuga [millennium] this science of the relationship with the Supreme was delivered by Vivasvān to Manu. Manu, being the father of mankind, gave it to his son Mahārāja Ikṣvāku, the King of this earth planet and forefather of the Raghu dynasty in which Lord Rāmacandra appeared. Therefore, Bhagavad-gītā existed in […]

Can Anyone be worshiped as God ?

During the Second World War, a man in Calcutta worshiped Hitler because thanks to that war he had amassed a large amount of wealth by dealing in the black market. Similarly, those in the modes of passion and ignorance generally select a powerful man to be God. They think that anyone can be worshipped as […]

I am so shameless.

When one confesses their sinful activities before the representative of God, Lord Jesus Christ, or God or Kṛṣṇa, their sinful activities are finished. But that does not mean that they shall go on again with commit sinful activities.And at the end of the week go to temple or church for atonement.One should be very conscious […]