The Palanquin of Higher Class Women.

  The words vastra-gupta dolā are very significant in this verse. Even fifty or sixty years ago in Calcutta, all respectable ladies would go to a neighboring place riding on a palanquin carried by four men. The palanquin was covered with soft cotton, and in that way there was no chance to see a respectable […]

Trees benefit everyone.

The trees are maintaining every living entity! Their birth is successful. Their behavior is just like that of great personalities, for anyone who asks anything from a tree never goes away disappointed. According to Vedic civilization, kṣatriyas are considered to be great personalities because if anyone goes to a kṣatriya king to ask for charity, […]

Trees living for hundreds & thousands of years.

The materialists want to prolong life as much as possible because they have no information of the next life. They want to get the maximum comforts in this present life because they think conclusively that there is no life after death. This ignorance about the eternity of the living being and the change of covering […]

Sound pleasing to Ear.

One should not speak in such a way as to agitate the minds of others. Of course, when a teacher speaks, he can speak the truth for the instruction of his students, but such a teacher should not speak to others who are not his students if he will agitate their minds. This is penance […]

Too Cold Too Hot !

Freedom does not come so automatically. One has to work for it seriously. It is like a treatment during diseased condition. The patient with fever or some other painful disease has to undergo some penance for its remedy. To remove painful boil on his body he has to undergo surgical operation. This is called tapasā. […]

A beautiful woman is cause of happiness if she accepts !

“The Sāṅkhya philosopher Kapila has connected the different elementary truths according to his own opinion. Material nature, according to him, consists of the equilibrium of the three material qualities, goodness, passion and ignorance. Material nature produced the material energy, known as mahat, and mahat produced the false ego. The ego produced the five objects of […]

Glories of Tulasi.

  In the Skanda Purāṇa there is a statement eulogizing the tulasī tree as follows: “Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the tulasī tree, which can immediately vanquish volumes of sinful activities. Simply by seeing or touching this tree one can become relieved from all distresses and diseases. Simply by offering obeisances to and […]

Breach of Trust – Vishwasa Ghāta

The Sanskrit word viśvasta-ghāta refers to one who breaks faith or causes a breach of trust. The mass of people should always feel security because of the government’s protection. The innocent citizens are like ignorant animals sleeping in peace with its head on the lap of its master, faithfully believing in the master’s protection. If […]

Can you always speak the truth ?

  Regarding a question-” Should the devotee always speak the truth to everyone in all circumstances”? The answer is yes, one should always speak the truth, but qualified devotee will be able to speak the truth always very palatable to everyone so that it will sound pleasing even to his enemy, that is the art […]

Temple construction is not bad.

Many persons with varied experience, legal advisers, learned scholars and many more persons eligible to become presidents of learned assemblies fall down into hellish life because of not being satisfied with their positions.Therefore the learned authorities in devotional life consequently advise that one not endeavor to increase the number of temples and maṭhas. Such activities […]