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Psychology in Economics.

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For Student of economics and there is a study on Marshall’s Economics. Here Mr. Marshall explains that economic impetus begins from family affection. Unless one has got family, they will not try to earn.They will be irresponsible. Therefore it is essential. When one is given some responsible post in British India, they were simply trying to know, “The man who is going to work for us, whether he is family man?” Because unless he is a family man, he has no attraction. He can give up the job at any moment. Because there is no family attraction. This is the psychology. Therefore according to Vedic civilization, it is the duty of the parents to get the sons and daughters married so that they will have family attraction, they will be established, they will be organized, things will go nicely. If there is no family attraction, no responsibility, then the things will not go nicely. This is the basic principle.

So anyway, the family attraction is required for regulated life. If there is no family attraction, there is no regulated life. We have got very good experience of these things. So family attraction required. It is not that it is rejected. It is required for regulated life. Unregulated life cannot make any progress. Therefore, in the Vedic civilization, the gṛhastha-āśrama is recommended. Everyone should be married and everyone should live. If possible let him live—a brahmacārī and not be entangled.So one is trained up as a brahmacārī, and he is sufficiently given knowledge, that “Don’t be entangled with these material affairs. Try to avoid. But they are still unable and their sex impulse is very strong,then its all right, they could go and get married.” This is the process.

Ref >> Srila Prabhupada Vani.


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